I have known for some time that there was discussion and hope to bring in a branch of the Bethany Christian Services into Pensacola, Florida. Bethany is touted to be one of the largest adoption agencies, if not the largest, in the United States. The services that Bethany provides truly are amazing. Not only does Bethany deal extensively with adoptions, but they also provide post-adoptive services only to families as well as churches and birth families. They also offer free counseling to pregnant women needing answers about parenting, adoption, and abortion.

There is something that makes Bethany stand out to me though—they are not afraid to tackle the tough topics. They also deal in embryo adoption and even have an infertility ministry to assist couples in working through their options. I wrote a post back in March entitled “Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Where will this road lead us?” In that I post I addressed a question I was asked. It was one of the questions that Bethany is talking about and doing their best to come to a biblical conclusion about. I know this because the man who asked me serves on the panel/board/committee (not exactly sure what he serves on, but I know he was brought on for his expertise) dealing with those tough questions.

I am excited to see this ministry coming into Pensacola. I am even more excited that they are not afraid to deal with the “hot-button” issues in our culture in order to continue carrying out their mission of “manifest[ing] the love and compassion of Jesus Christ by protecting and enhancing the lives of children and families through quality social services.”
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