Proving the Existence of God, Part 6

This will be my final post of this series. I have covered three major points of interest with regard to the existence of God—the universe, evolution, and the resurrection of Christ. I have briefly presented you the evidence concerning these three points; now it is time to answer the question of whether or not the evidence is in favor or opposition to God.

So, can we reasonably conclude that God exists? Looking collectively at the evidence, and after our somewhat brief examination, the absence of contradictory or dissenting evidence validates the hypothesis that God does exist as true according to scientific standards. Therefore, it is reasonable to accept the evidence as proving that God exists.

If one is still unsure of what to conclude, consider this wager. Imagine a loved one lying on their deathbed. About this time someone approached and offers you a new “wonder drug” that will give the dying person a 50% chance of living. The other option is to do nothing and let the person die. What would you choose? Any reasonable person would choose to try the wonder drug because the chances of surviving are greater than without the drug. This is known as Pascal’s Wager. God either exists or he does not. If he exists and you choose to believe in him, then one only stands to gain if correct and lose nothing if wrong. However, if one chooses to believe that God does not exist, one stands to suffer eternally if the choice is wrong. Based on these options, the rational choice is to believe he exists.

I hope that many of you have found and will continue to find this series of posts helpful. If there is anyway to make this series more useful, please leave a comment or email me and let me know what would make this series more helpful. Please remember that I wasn’t writing a book, but a series of blog posts so there is a lot of information that I simply had to leave out concerning the universe, evolution, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Because I had to leave so much information out, if anyone has a question about something in any of the posts, please ask me and I will answer in a supplemental post if necessary. As always, if anyone would like to discuss these points further, I am more than happy to do so. Likewise, I didn’t cite any of my sources in the posts, but I will happily supply them upon request.

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  • Anonymous Says:

    I like the thought of "Pascal’s Wager". I have used the argument in times past, but didn't know there was a name to it. Thank you. I found you from your post on . Thank you and God bless.
    ~the janitor