Book Review: Setting Up Stones

Greg and Martha Singleton. Setting Up Stones: A Parent’s Guide to Making Your Home a Place of Worship. Birmingham, AL: New Hope Publishers, 2008, 158 pp.

This book is aimed at helping parents make worship a regular part of the home. There are two sections in the book. The first section covers some of the philosophy of why worship is an important aspect of family life in the home. The second section covers some of the practical ways that worship can be created around typical family events like holidays, birthdays, etc.

I really enjoyed reading this book. I found myself thinking of how I could help to improve my family’s worship as I went through the different chapters. The book presents the material in a very straightforward and easy to understand format. It was also very easy to read. The chapters were not too long or uneven. I found it easy to comfortably read through a chapter in 10 or 15 minutes. There were some features of the book that I really enjoyed. Hints, tips, and ideas the authors provided were placed on the edge of the page and set apart in a shaded area. After reading through a book like this it is nearly impossible to absorb all of the information. These sections will allow easy reference in the future to an idea you might remember but don’t know the exact chapter or page on which it was located. Another feature that will help accomplish the same goal is an activity index contained in the back of the book. The index lists all those hints, tips, and ideas that are contained in the sidebars in one location sorted by different categories such as “Bible Focus,” “Physical Activity,” “Creative Arts,” etc.

I think any family looking to make worship a regular part of their family’s life or just looking to improve upon their family’s worship together should read this book. I am sure I will be referencing it in the years to come. You can purchase this book at or the WMU.
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