Page-Two Miracles: Chapter 27, Shocked by the Bible

This chapter is not really aimed at correcting any misunderstanding about Scripture, but Joe Kovacs explained, “The Bible is a book loaded with extraordinary events, many of which never receive the attention they deserve. In the spirit of correcting that error, here are a few incredible items you may have never heard of or may have forgotten about.” So Kovacs just goes through and lists some notable miracles recorded in the Bible. I will likewise just list the miracles he covers and where they can be found in Scripture:
  • Peter walked on water (Matthew 14)
  • Paul’s clothing miraculously healed others (Acts 19)
  • Paul’s snake-bitten and unaffected (Acts 27)
  • The pillar of fire (Exodus 13, 14, and Numbers 9)
  • Clothes that lasted 40 years (Deuteronomy 29:5)
  • Copycat miracle workers (Exodus 7)
  • Extended darkness (Exodus 10)
  • The longest day (Joshua 10)

The Bible is replete with miracles. It only requires that one open up the Bible and begin reading.

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