Summary Review of Shocked by the Bible

I have spent the past few months making an in-depth review of Shocked by the Bible written by Joe Kovacs. The book contains as its premise and goal “To educate [people] about what the Bible says in its own words. There is stunning information included between Genesis and Revelation, but much of it has been morphed into misinformation and confusion. Too many people today continue to ask, ‘You mean that’s in the Bible?’ or ‘That’s not in the Bible?’”

Kovacs brings out a wide variety of subjects in the twenty-seven chapters contained in the book. Much of what Kovacs says is absolutely correct, but there are some things Kovacs doesn’t get right. I hope you enjoy this list and I hope that my interaction with each chapter proves to be helpful to you. Below is a list containing links to each individual chapter review:

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  • Anonymous Says:

    your links dont work. Look forward to reading them.

  • Mr. Hyde Says:

    Thanks for pointing that out, they should all be working now.

  • Anonymous Says:

    I want to thank you for all of your work and details in working through Joe Kovacs’ book. I agree that Joe Kovascs book has some provocative points but what concerns me the most is once again, he is so enamored by “particulars” that important theological principles which drive the true force of God’s love, grace, mercy are lost. What ever happened to the established Kingdom of God? The best example I can provide is the over riding notion Kovascs leaves me, is a need to live with a new kind of performance standard a “LAW” if you will . Yet, Paul in Romans 7 makes it clear that we are dead to the Law. Jesus makes it clear that we are not to judge… which assumes adherence to a performance standard for which we too will be judged. The Law of course is not sin as it has its function (Rom 7:7ff) but yes we are released from the Law since it is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me. In and through Christ the O.T. Law ceases to be a job description and becomes more like a doctors prescription, as intended, especially applied through the life of Christ’s grace, mercy and love. I was given this book by people who have read not just this book, but others like it, who have become very judgmental; insisting on the particulars as being of extreme importance and thus unable to understand and apply the principles of Christ’s Kingdom. This saddens me because the word of God brings life of freedom and wonderful joy which magnifies the majesty of God not only by our actions but from our hearts, mind, souls and body. I find no where in this book any notion of a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ that would help me love my enemies. Compare Joe Kovacs’ book to Watchman Nee’s The Normal Christian Life when he says: “We think of the Christian life as a ‘changed life’ but it is not that. What God offers us is an ‘exchanged life,’ a ‘substituted life,’ and Christ is our Substitute within. “ That is how my enemies are loved.

  • Vicki Says:

    Interest analysis, thanks for the hard work of putting it together. As I have been reading the Bible, I have also been shocked by some things, many of which are in this book. But the most interesting to me at this time is the way God feels about His commandments (the Law). He says "whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me" John 14:21, a quote from Jesus Himself. And if you search on commands/commandments, it is consistent throughout the Bible. We are to obey His commands. Not to judge others, not to harbor unforgiveness when they are broken (grace prevails), but as a way to change OUR hearts. If we meditate on God's commands (the Law) as it says in Psalm 1, and we act on it, instead of acting on our feelings,then even our thoughts and our hearts will be changed in a way that honors and glorifies God. The way that He has told us to live and glorify Him. And isn't showing His glory the whole point of life?

  • Anonymous Says:

    I read "Shocked by the Bible". I thought it sucked. Nothing that shocking at all and some of the views weren't backed up with anything.

    I did however, run across a book called "Lucifer Revisited: She's Not Who You Think He Is". THAT book shocked me. It blew my mind. Made a lot of sense too about how women have control issues that go back to Lucifer's. You got to read this book. I couldn't put it down. But Shocked by the Bible....nope...sucked.