Did Al Gore finally get somthing right?

It appears to be that way. USA Today ran a story yesterday that announced Al Gore would be donating $20 million dollars (seems awfully small in the face of all the recent stimulus spending) to fund research on induced pluripontent stem cells (iPS). These stem cells are one of the alternatives to embryonic stem cell research and one that holds a lot of promise.

It is these stem cells to which Dr. Oz referred to recently on the Oprah Winfrey show. I wrote a post on this and linked to the video clip of Oprah’s show where Dr. Oz makes these statements. What I find interesting is that a political liberal such as Al Gore would break step with the rest of the Democrats and publicly fund an alternative to embryonic stem cell research. It is even more interesting that the White House has not publicly addressed whether federal funding is available for iPS research. Does anyone else know if this has been clarified? Because I haven't heard anything about it.
What'd you think? 

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