The Dumb Ass of the Bible, Shocked by the Bible, Chapter 8

In this chapter, Joe Kovacs talks about two animals in the Bible that speak—the serpent in Genesis and the donkey in Numbers. Overall, he only appears to be informing people that these stories are in the Bible. He doesn’t offer any “correct” understandings, he doesn’t point out any common misconceptions, he just states that these two accounts are contained in the Scriptures.

I didn’t disagree with any of the information Kovacs presented; however, I did take issue with his attempt at a play on words. He played on the common curse word rather than what the phrase “dumb ass” meant in this context—a mute donkey.

The only other thing I would note is that Kovacs stated on page 83, “Balaam’s mute donkey, or as the Bible puts it, his “dumb ass,” spoke with the voice of a man.” The Bible doesn’t say the donkey spoke with the voice of a man though; it simply says that the donkey spoke. It is probably safe to assume it was the voice of a man, but I think Mr. Kovacs should be careful not to introduce some misinformation—particularly since he is supposed to be correcting a lot of misinformation about the Bible.
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