Oprah on Stem-cell research

In a previous post I metioned that the medical and scientific community is making it more clear with every passing month that embryonic stem-cells are not the best stem-cells to use for all of this "life saving" research that is being conducted. This point was featured promintently on a recent episode of Oprah, which you can view here. The entire clip is only a little over 3 mins., but where Dr. Oz explains why embryonic stem-cells are not good for curing diseases such as parkinsin's begins at minute two of the clip.

Along with the Big O, the Washington Post recently ran a story covering the same issue, that there is viable and better stem-cells other than embryonic stem-cells (although there was one researcher quoted in the article not quite ready to call it quits on ESCR--it's the Washington Post after all they are not going to out-and-out say no to ESCR). What is amazing is how the White House is selling the lifting of these bans on embryonic stem-cell research as freeing science from religious oppression, yet the science itself shows that embryonic stem-cells are not the best for what is hoped to be accomplished.
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