Your Wish is My Commandment: Chapter 14, Shocked by the Bible

The Ten Commandments has received much fanfare in recent years, whether good or bad. Joe Kovacs brings up some of the truths about the Ten Commandments in this chapter. His first point, however, is that there were twenty commandments rather than ten. On page 117 he wrote, “So, the Ten Commandments were actually written twice, for a grand total of twenty.” There were not twenty commandments. It was the same Ten Commandments written down two different times. I think Kovacs is stretching a little here for the sake of “shocking” people. I am sure he doesn’t say he’s written thousands of books because Shocked by the Bible has been copied thousands of times.

Kovacs does point out some other interesting things a lot of people just gloss over when reading about the Ten Commandments. He pointed out that they were written on both sides of the stones tablets and that God personally wrote them. One truly interesting point he made, and I have never really thought about, is that Moses may have gone 80 days without any food. The Scriptures do not specifically address this, but it is interesting to think about. The last thin he pointed out was that Moses’ face glowed after being in the presence of God. In fact, it disturbed the Israelites so badly that Moses would cover his face with a veil.

Overall, I think Kovacs did a good job of putting forth some things the Bible says about the Ten Commandments that most people don’t know or just gloss over when reading the Bible.
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