For Sale: The Holy Spirit?: Chapter 24, Shocked by the Bible

The book of Acts is often called a history book because it details a lot of the early church’s history—the formation of the church at Jerusalem, the start of the church in Antioch, the gospel going to the Gentiles, etc. One of the narratives in the book of Acts records a peculiar incident. It comes from Acts 8:9-24. There was a gentleman by the name of Simon (not the apostle also known as Peter) who was a sorcerer. After witnessing the giving of the Holy Spirit following the laying on of hands, he asked to buy this ability from the apostles. He was confronted and rebuked by the apostles for making such a suggestion.

Once again though, I don’t see what is shocking or surprising about this account. It may be true that a lot of people don’t realize the story is in the Bible, but does that constitute it as “shocking.” Maybe it’s just me here, but I think Joe Kovacs could have left this chapter out of his book.

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