Another Reason Some People Oppose Same-Sex Marriage...

...including me. The story Reuters ran yesterday concerning legislation in New Hampshire to legalize same-sex marriage displays one of the reasons I oppose same-sex marriage. I have a number of other reasons, but this is one of those reasons that is not founded upon biblical principles. Because of that, I choose to use this to explain why same-sex marriage is a bad idea to people who are not Christians.

New Hampshire is trying to pass legislation that would specifically allow churches and ministers to be held legally liable for refusing to perform marriages of same-sex couples and/or that refuses to offer them other services such as counseling. You can read the full story here. What this makes me want to scream is "Have we all forgotten the first amendment!?" It makes it clear that this law would and should be considered unconstitutional: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." If this law imposed upon churches and ministers requiring them to perform services that are in conflict with their beliefs, then congress (or state legislatures) is making a law that is prohibiting the free exercise of those beliefs.

I think what is most amazing is that some of the New Hampshire representatives are actually upset that the Governor would require them to include language to give legal protection to churches and minister that refuse services to same-sex couples.

What do you think, is this an infringement upon religious freedom? (I am not pursuing biblical reasons opposing same-sex marriage at this point, just whether or not this infringes upon religious liberty)
What'd you think? 

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