What about E.T.?

I was recently reading an article that addressed the question, “Would the discovery of Extraterrestrials invalidate Christianity?” Rather than making a long case as to why E.T.’s would or would not invalidate Christianity, the article simply quoted several different people to whom the question had been posed. The responses were very interesting.

I would like to ask you all the same question, would the discovery of Extraterrestrials invalidate Christianity? Please respond in the comments section below. If you have never posted a comment before and are not sure how to do it, you simply click on the link below (# comments) with the little envelope next to it, it will then expand the page so you can compose your answer and then click on “post comment.” It’s that easy. So please tell me, would E.T. destroy your faith?
What'd you think? 

2 Response to "What about E.T.?"

  • Anonymous Says:

    ET wouldn't crush my faith. I don't think we'll ever find him, but if he poked his little head out of his spaceship one day, I still would have a relationship with my Savior. The Bible talks about God creating the universe, and our planet, and us. If God, in his infinite wisdom, chose not to tell us about another planet, with another people, He's allowed to do that; He's GOD. Maybe He even gave them their own book...

  • John Says:

    I don't think we'll ever find ET, but he wouldn't crush my faith. The Bible talks about how God created the universe, and our planet, and us. If God chose, in His infinate wisdom, not to share the making of another planet and creature with us, my relationship with my creator wouldn't suffer.