To Tithe or Not to Tithe (When Visiting Another Church)?

My wife and I went on vacation this past weekend and worshiped at a church in that area. I always love the opportunity to worship at other churches because it allows me to see other ways of accomplishing the same goal. I tried to put myself in the shoes of someone going to a church for the very first time. While doing so, I found that I was worried about the welcome and if they were going to make me stand up or something like that. Along with this experience, I thought about something I think a lot of Christians wonder when they worship at another church—should we tithe at the church we visit? This is not a post about whether or not tithing is biblical, so please don’t comment on this post that we shouldn’t be tithing in the first place.

The answer for me is very simple: I do not tithe at churches I am visiting. It is not because I don’t want to support their ministry. The reason I do not tithe at churches I am visiting is because I am not connected to that church with my membership. My home church is where I am connected and involved in the ministries that take place there.

By no means am I saying that I am committed to the church over Jesus Christ. I understand that tithing is giving to the Lord and that I can tithe at any church and still be honoring to the Lord with my money. However, I also think that people should be committed to tithing at their home church, even when they are visiting another church, because they are committed to serving at their home church in every other aspect of worship and ministry.

Neither am I saying that if you decide to tithe at the church you visit that you are committing a sin. I simply think that I am honoring God if I tithe at my home church just as I think we honor God when we commit to join with and serve in one church—our home church.

What about you, do you tithe at a church you visit or do you wait until you return home and tithe at your home church?
What'd you think? 

3 Response to "To Tithe or Not to Tithe (When Visiting Another Church)?"

  • DRC Says:

    The apostle Paul NEVER instructs the Gentile believers to tithe. Tithing was not a NT commandment not principle for the church. All the NT referrences to tithing relate back to the OT practice. There are no more Levites or storehouses. Tithing is obsolete. We are to give geneously from a free heart with no percentages. Persentages equals legalism.

  • Mr. Hyde Says:

    DRC, first let me say that I truly appreciate you stopping by and reading my blog. I also appreciate all civil conversations, even if the other person is critiquing me. That being said, I would like to address your comment.

    I allowed your comment even though I state in my post that I am not writing to argue about whether or not tithing is biblical and not to comment about it not being biblical.

    However, your argument is weak and flawed. You are arguing from silence concerning the apostle Paul. He also never instructed the Gentile believers to have padded pews or air conditioned buildings.

    Following your logic though, I could also argue that the apostle Paul NEVER told the Gentile believers NOT to tithe.

    Likewise, their are no more levites because Jesus is now our great high priest (Hebrews 3:1, 7:27-28).

    If you would like to present you case (biblical) to me through email, please feel free to email me at If you make a strong enough case I am even inclined to post your points and comment on them accordingly.

  • Blood Bought Says:

    I don't think its so much a tithe that I give to another church when visiting, as it is so much a gift for something I got out of the message or the worship. I feel if I either was blessed somehow, learned something new, or was strengthened in some way, I do feel led to give a gift. This only being in a church that receives their tithes at the middle or end of the service.

    I have pretty much always put something in the plate though, I do have to admit. Why? I guess its my own personal little way of showing God that I am expecting to receive something from the Word that will be preached that day - maybe in a step of faith? I believe if you show God your willing, He will meet you their, even if your in a dead church, I know God can meet you anywhere He wishes.

    Just my opinion of course.