Would E.T. destroy the Christian faith?

In a previous post, I asked the question—Would the discovery of Extraterrestrials invalidate Christianity? I still don’t feel like I need to pontificate as to why or why not ET would invalidate Christianity. What I would like to do is pose a question back at those who do think the discovery of ET would prove Christianity false. What would you do if we did discovery alien life, we figured out how to communicate with them, and they told you they believed in the same God as the Christians do? Would that be a wrench in your whole theory? I guess this might go along with Anonymous’ comment about God possibly giving them their own book.

Feel free to weigh in on new aspects of the "what if alien life is discovered" topic. Would it shake your faith, would it prove Christianity false, etc.? If you didn't read the original post, I encourage you to go back and read it.
What'd you think? 

3 Response to "Would E.T. destroy the Christian faith?"

  • Strong Tower Says:

    Depends. Are you speaking of sentient life?

    If so is it moral sentient life (if there can be such a thing as non-moral sentient life).

    If it is moral life. Is it perfected, unable to be sinful? And if it is able to be sinful, then are they like the angels having no savior and once fallen, unredeemable? If fallen are they demonic and therefore no different than demons. And if unfallen, are they not as the angels, and if so, wouldn't God forbid their contact with us except for the purpose of revelation and that furthering what Paul said was no different Gospel? Or, are they like man in need of a savior? And if like man in need of a savior, who is that savior? And if it is Christ, wouldn't the alien be just like man, for we find no other Christ, and he was made in the likeness of man? And if men, what might we suppose since Eve alone is the mother of all except that they were her children. And she alone was taken out of Adam. And seeing that Jesus is the second Adam, there can be no other first.

    We might speculate about another book, but, if Christ is the highest expression of the Word and he alone was sent to be the final expression of that Revelation, then any other book would necessarily point to the one Christ. And that would make any morally sentient alien life, man.

    So, what's the point? Scripture warns you not to go beyond what is written and to avoid vain speculation. Simply, it calls it a sin and sin will produce unbelief. So why even entertain what cannot be answered?

  • Mr. Hyde Says:

    I do not necessarily disagree with any of your points. You did write one thing I think is important to expand, "So, what's the point? Scripture warns you not to go beyond what is written and to avoid vain speculation. Simply, it calls it a sin and sin will produce unbelief. So why even entertain what cannot be answered?"

    You bring out an important point. I don't think bringing out this topic is sin or even going beyond what Scripture says. If I were doing that I would have posited why there could not be alien life for example because the Bible does not address this issue.

    But this is an important topic because there is a large section of our culture that either believes in alien life or that aliens discprove the Christian faith. On those grounds, I think this is an important topic to entertain.

    For example, if a person walked up to you and said, "I believe in aliens and that this life from other planets proves your faith is wrong." How would you answer that challenge? Would you simply say, "The Bible doesn't address that and I am not going to go beyond Scripture because that is sin?" I don't think you would because you would look foolish.

    I hope this helps you understand why I broach the topic of extraterrestrials. It is important for us to think about because it is a challenge to the faith.

  • Steven Llorens Says:

    I believe in Extraterrestrials life. Our universe is so vast and amazing. Even the bible talks about how the heavens declare God's glory. I think it is very possible that animal life can exist. However, I do think that we are the only sentient life (other than angels).